Types of Deodorants for Men and Women

different types of deodorants, the best deodorant for excessive sweating underarms

There are very many types of deodorants in the market nowadays hence we have a wide range of varieties to choose from depending on our personal preferences and needs. Some of them have very noticeable scents, while others don’t have any scent.

Though all deodorants help to prevent bad odor when you sweat excessively, they vary in the application formula thus they may feel different when applied. Below are some of the types of the best deodorant for heavy sweaters that will help you have a better understanding for you to choose one that is suitable for you.

  • Roll-On – this type of deodorant comes in a liquid form and is very easy to apply. They have a cooling effect when applied on the skin of the underarms and they offer maximum protection from odor and wetness. However, some roll-ons leave some residuals on the skin after drying up. You should therefore do your research if you have a problem with that or if you will not be comfortable especially wearing sleeveless garments.
roll-on type of deodorant
  • Invisible Solid – they come in a solid, powdery stick but dries and becomes clear hence the term invisible solid. Unlike the roll-ons, this type of deodorant for heavy sweating doesn’t leave any visible residue on your skin or clothes.
  • Solid – they also come in a powdery stick and dry after a while but they leave some residue, unlike the invisible solid ones which clear completely after drying.
  • Aerosol/ spray deodorants – these deodorants usually come in a spray form and may or may not have a powdery finish. They are very suitable for the locker room and the gym and can be shared easily because the applicator doesn’t come in contact with the skin unlike the other deodorants mentioned above. Lastly, they also offer a cooling effect when applied on the skin leaving your skin feeling fresh all day long.
Coconut spray deodorant, one of the best deodorant for heavy sweaters
  • Wipes – deodorant wipes are ideal for travelling or for keeping in your sanitary bag as a backup just in case you forget to apply your regular deodorant. They are also packed individually for single-use and are disposable.
deodorant wipes for men

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